About me and my team
We help Startups and Small Business Owners solve problems with the development of a prototype, MVP or unique electronic equipment for your business by providing R&D, electronic circuit and PCB design, Web and mobile app development, prototyping, troubleshooting, and preparation of documentation for serial production.
I have been working with small business and start-up entrepreneurs for over 15 years and I can make the most effective, efficient and affordable offer for you. You no longer need to hire different engineers and managers. My team and I will do your project on a one-stop basis.
I have extensive experience in the development of electronics and fundamental knowledge of physics. My team has experience in electronics design, programming and firmware development. This allows us to solve not only engineering problems, but also to carry out research, troubleshooting, software and firmware development.
All members of my team have experience in teaching. We provide classes and seminars for engineers and act as experts and jury members at various competitions. We learn ourselves and are willing to share our knowledge with others.
We work exclusively with small and medium-sized businesses, including startups. That's why we understand your problems like no one else and organize our work as flexibly as possible to save you money and time. You don't even need a terms of reference to start working with us. All you need is an idea! We will do the rest.

Working with us saves your money, it's cheaper than hiring staff, providing workplace, purchasing equipment, paying social and medical insurance... Working with us saves you time. You don't have to look for and select different specialists. You get a ready and well-established team at your disposal.

Contact my team in any convenient way and tell about your problem. We set the goals and deadlines and work on priorities flexibly. We are involved in all stages of product creation, from planning to demonstrations, reporting back to you regularly. Transparent pricing. You pay by the hour and we deliver a result according to milestones. We work by the FBSC model: fixed-budget, scope-controlled.
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e-mail: romanpopov@hardtux.tech
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