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Startups are at the forefront of innovation, with ambitious visions and disruptive ideas. However, they often encounter unique challenges, especially when it comes to technical complexities. The lack of specialized technical expertise within the founding team can hinder progress and increase the risk of costly mistakes. In this context, harnessing the power of a special technical expert can be the key to unlocking creative solutions and propelling startups towards success.
What the problem?
Often, startup founders can be genuinely misguided in assessing the feasibility of an idea or the cost of development and production, the "bottle necks" in a project, and the choice of materials and technology. Even if you already have a working prototype on Arduino and a 3D printed case, it does not mean that you will be able to easily scale this idea or adequately estimate the costs.
Investors also need to have a clear idea of how feasible the startup idea is, how accessible the proposed technology is, what the actual stage of the project is, and how much money, resources and time it will take to launch production. The speed (and the possibility) of return on investment depends on this.
Our solution: 
We can perform technical due diligence on any project related to industrial or consumer electronics, IoT, scientific and/or measurement technology. As a result, you will receive a detailed document assessing the feasibility of the project at the current stage of technology development. We will analyze all the "thin spots" of the idea or project and offer several options to overcome possible problems, select the most suitable technologies and materials taking into account your requirements. Additionally, we can provide an estimate of the cost of R&D, prototype production, MVP and production batch at scale.
Why us?
We have been working with startups and investors for over 15 years and are in constant contact with several accelerators and startup schools, so we are well versed not only in electronics, but also in the entire startup lifecycle. I am not a narrow specialist in electronics only, but I also have a classical university education in physics. We are constantly exploring new opportunities and technologies and provide classes and workshops for engineers. We are often invited as experts to evaluate technology competitions. We also have a technologist on our team who is well versed in manufacturing technologies and materials. All this allows us to analyze your project comprehensively. And you can have full confidence in our competence.
How does it work?
  • Submit your application right here. Or contact us in any other convenient way.
  • We will agree on the time of the first meeting, where you will present your project so we can assess our capabilities to analyze it.
  • After that we will sign an NDA, a contract and you can provide us with details.
  • We will prepare the analysis and give you a verbal consultation.
  • Only then you pay for our services and receive a detailed written report.
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