Our projects:
Business and Industrial Automation:
  • Remote load control systems
  • Motor control systems
  • Automatization of industrial greenhouses
  • Automatization of hydroponic greenhouse
  • Installations for aeroponics
  • Air quality monitoring systems
  • Dosimeters
  • Access control systems
  • Monitoring and security of the premises
  • Remote control of energy consumption
  • Automation of the heating system

  • Lighting effects devices for shows and concerts
  • Programmable firework control systems
  • Systems for quest rooms
  • Light system for car showroom
Medicine and health:

  • Wearable miniature cardiograph for continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Oxypulsometer
  • Device for noise treatment
  • Installation for research of a dream and stimulation of lucid dreams
  • Air ionizer
Sound and music:

  • Tube guitar amps
  • Linear guitar preamp
  • Guitar pedals
  • Amplifier for vocal microphone
  • Linear power amplifiers
  • Sound systems for rooms and halls
  • Audio system for simultaneous translation
Research and measurement:

  • High-voltage block for digital X-ray unit
  • Test bench for testing photomultipliers in strong magnetic fields
  • Device for control water content in crude oil
  • Installation for the research of surface discharge in HF electromagnetic field
  • Installation to obtain the Kirlian effect.
  • Bluetooth Voltmeter
 Photography equipment:

  • Automation device for macro photography with stacking
  • Remote control system for steadicam
  • Color analyzer
  • UV flash for luminescence photography
Some of our clients:
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